Singapore Research Workshops

ITSA 2020 Post-Conference Research Development Workshops, Singapore, 5 December 2020

We invite you to attend the post-conference Research Development Workshops in Singapore, hosted by James Cook University, Singapore. The workshop is organized around specific themes and will focus on research brainstorming, group strategizing, and writing. True to the ITSA mission, the Workshops  is dedicated to scholarly exchange between researchers and practitioners, collaboration of scholars in developed and developing countries, reducing geographic and cultural barriers. We hope the Symposium will result in promising plans for collaborations and innovative research agendas. 

Workshops Themes (Leaders):



World cuisines & healthy foods in tourism

Dr. Hera Oktadiana, James Cook University, Australia

Children in theme parks, resorts, and cruises 

– Dr. Mimi Li, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 

– Dr Zohre Mohammadi James Cook University Singapore 

Human factors in tourism experience design

– Dr. Xinran Lehto, Purdue University

– Dr. Mark Lehto, Purdue University, USA 

E-mindfulness and tourism

Dr. Uglješa Stankov, University of Novi Sad, Serbia

Existentialism & tourism anti-consumption

Dr. Ksenia Kirillova, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Vandalism, crime, and scams in tourism

– Prof. Philip Pearce, James Cook University, Australia 

– Prof. Abhishek Bhati, James Cook University Singapore 

Digital transformation in hospitality and tourism organizations 

– Dr. Iis Tussyadiah,  University of Surrey

– Dr. Dan Wang,  Hong Kong Polytechnic University 

Experoutination (Youli) and World History of Travel Narratives: Western vs Eastern Perspectives

Prof. Wu Bihu, Peking University, China

Crisis and disaster recovery

Dr. Gabby Walters, University of Queensland

Additional fee for workshop : Offline Participant: USD 50, Online Participant: Free

For further detail,  please contact Prof.  Abhishek Bhati,  JCU Singapore

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