Paper Hackathon

ITSA 2020 Post-Conference Research Development Workshops, Singapore, 5 December 2020

Paper Hackathon  – The goal of the hackathon is to support tourism researchers to form partnerships with the aim to develop and pitch for a paper publication on select journals.

The format is an intense two-day paper hackathon where teams of researchers will be formed and work towards the development of a study/paper proposal (paper-a-thon), which they will then present to an evaluation panel. During the hackathon, teams will work under the mentorship of prominent tourism scholars and they will receive constructive and valuable feedback for their research proposals. Teams with highly evaluated papers-a-thon will be invited to submit their completed manuscripts for a fast-tracked review process and a possible publication on invited journals.

 Paper Hackathon:

Register interest – Participant to register interest in hackathon for one of the below themes. They may participate virtually or attend in person in Singapore. Please register using the tab at the end of this document.

Collaborate – Bring your data, theory, phenomenon, or good writing skills. Meet others who can complement what you have. Join resources with other participants and collaborate in teams to brainstorm and develop a new paper idea. A virtual ‘speed dating’ session will be scheduled on the first day of the conference 2nd December 2020, to enable hackathon theme participants to meet, develop their teams and start working immediately.

Network & Write – Participants will have almost 2 full days (3, and 4 December 2020) to elaborate on their study/paper idea and develop a 10 minutes power point presentation on 5 December 2020. Presentations of papers-a-thon should provide an extended outline of the proposed study including: research aims; proposed methodology; contribution to the field; expected findings; practical and theoretical contributions. Teams will get help from mentors. Mentors may decide or not to be involved as co-authors, if everyone agrees.

Pitch & Publish – on the 5 December 2020, teams will come together in Singapore to finalise their proposal and make a 10 minute pitch their paper-a-thon in front of the evaluation panel and other hackathon participants. Teams with highly evaluated papers-a-thon maybe invited to submit their completed manuscript for a fast-tracked review process and a possible publication on select journals. We could have ITSA Paper Hackathon “best paper-a-thon award” award to encourage healthy competition.

Workshops Themes (Leaders):



World cuisines & healthy foods in tourism

Dr. Hera Oktadiana, James Cook University, Australia

Children in theme parks, resorts, and cruises

– Dr. Mimi Li, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

– Dr Zohre Mohammadi James Cook University Singapore

Human factors in tourism experience design

– Dr. Xinran Lehto, Purdue University

– Dr. Xiaoxiao Fu, Central Florida University, USA 

E-mindfulness and tourism

– Dr. Uglješa Stankov, University of Novi Sad, Serbia

– Miroslav Vujicic, University of Novi Sad, Serbia


Existentialism & tourism anti-consumption

Dr. Ksenia Kirillova, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Crisis and disaster recovery: Travel behaviour post COVID-19

– Abhishek Bhati, James Cook University Singapore

– Gabby Walters, University of Queensland

Digital transformation in hospitality and tourism organizations

– Iis Tussyadiah,  University of Surrey

– Dan Wang, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Experoutination and World History of Travel Narratives: Western vs Eastern PerspectivesWu Bihu, Peking University, China
Equity Issues in Hospitality & Tourism (H&T). Exploring (In)equalities

– K Thirumaran, James Cook University, Singapore

– Vanessa Bernauer, Helmut Schmidt University, Germany

Digital Nomadism and Tourism

– Dr. Olga Hannonen, University of Eastern Finland

– Dr. Mari Toivanen, University of Helsinki

Additional fee for the paper hackathon: In person Participant: USD 50, Online Participant: Free

For further detail, please contact Prof Abhishek Bhati, JCU Singapore at [email protected]

All registrations must be made online via this conference website  REGISTRATION

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