universitas pancasila - FACULTY OF TOURISM

Universitas Pancasila – Faculty of Tourism

universitas pancasila

The Faculty of Tourism, Universitas Pancasila, is a one of the pioneers in providing a Bachelor of Tourism program in the country. Its quality teaching, research activities as well as contribution to wider tourism development has been recognized in the achievement of accreditation “A” in 2017.

The Faculty is active in international cooperation with institutions abroad, and takes an active role in the ASEAN Tourism Research Association (ATRA), Association of Indonesia Tertiary Tourism Education Institutions (HILDIKTIPARI) and Indonesia Tourism Experts Association (ICPI). In 2018, the Faculty had been successful in organizing the Bromo International Ecotourism Field School participated by students and lecturers from 10 countries. The Field School is conducted in collaboration with the University of Westminster, Ministry of Tourism, and the Indonesia Ecotourism Network.

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