ITSA - International Tourism Studies Association 2

ITSA: International Tourism Studies Association

Founded on 15 August 2006 in Hangzhou and registered in Washington, DC, USA, the International Tourism Studies Association (ITSA) is a membership organization of top scholars, researchers, and practitioners in the tourism field. The objective of the Association is to bridge the gaps in tourism studies and research, education, and training between developed and developing countries. ITSA implements various activities to achieve its objectives, including providing a forum for exchange of research ideas and sound research practices in tourism studies among scholars worldwide. One of the forums for exchange of research ideas initiated by ITSA is its Biennial Conferences. Since 2006, biennial conferences have been held in Beijing (2006); Shanghai (2008); Shah Alam, Malaysia (2010); Bali, Indonesia (2012); Perth, Australia (2014); London (2016), and for the 7th ITSA Biennial Conference was held in Tshwane, South Africa (2018).

The Association publishes International Journal of Tourism Cities, a peer-reviewed journal provides an international forum for the critical study of urban tourism and tourism cities. The journal aims to be inter-disciplinary in its appreciation of tourism cities and tourism in urban areas.

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